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The yellow/white color of Quartz Halogen closely mimics the light quality of a spring morning, making these bulbs desirable for creating full spectrum light and mood-improving light environments. With a Kelvin range of 2600K to 3600K  and a CRI of 98-100, the lamps can create a warm, inviting room. The high color rendering properties of these bulbs make them particularly desirable in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices, art galleries as well as lizard and snake habitats. For some people, the bright yellow/white light of Quartz Halogen makes it hard to sleep when used in the evening before bed time.


These dimmable incandescent bulbs are available in a wide range of shapes and applications including

Bi-Pin lamps, standard bulb shapes, BR and Par flood lamps, and special application shapes.

Neodymium is a natural earth element embedded in the bulb glass to filters out the yellow of the incandescent and halogen lamps. When applied using a fusion or baking method, the mineral casts a blue-purple tint on the glass of the bulb which enhance their light. The color is similar to afternoon light.


The enhanced white light of a neodymium bulb mimics the color spectrum of natural sunlight, which reduces eye strain and eases the mood-depressing impact of conventional and fluorescent bulbs.


Neodymium enhancement is found on a variety of bulb styles and shapes, including 3-way bulbs, screw-in A bulbs, and flood lights. With a high CRI rating, these lights make fantastic craft and reading lights and provide an ideal balance of brightness and color to combat the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), PMS, and major depressive disorder. This High CRI lamp is a calm light which makes a great evening light in bedrooms or living rooms. These dimmable bulbs were created in Finland to help combat SAD.

The sunshine light bulb source

The holidays are over and depression has arrived. You feel like hibernating like a bear. A trip to any place where the sun shines would be nice, if you could stay for the winter. But no, you have to stay and work in gray rainy Portland, suffering from SAD.


There is help. All you have to do is trick your body into feeling that the sun is shining. Some people use light boxes, tanning booths, or travel. I offer Full Spectrum lighting to create sunshine in your home and office.


When you change your lighting environment to a more natural light using High CRI Lamps, you can mimmick sunlight, using your own fixtures. Colors appear different under different lights, Full Spectrum Lights show true colors better.


Sunlan carries a full line of Full Spectrum lightbulbs and flourescent tubes, to help with S.A.D. These show good color, and are great for reading.


If you need more light, I have the Litebook, a small portable LED unit that provides sunshine in a book size unit. You can learn more at https://www.litebook.com

"It was fun to walk in and around and look at the literally thousands of lights they have. The staff was friendly and loves to talk bulbs!"  

- Dana D. via Yelp


The Light Bulb Lady's definition of Full Spectrum lighting


The term "Full Spectrum lights” does not have a defined meaning. When I use the phrase, I mean a bulb that is mimicking 90% of the color of sunshine. The color of Sunlight changes from morning to evening each day and it changes by the season. The color of light is given in Kelvin numbers with 2700K being yellowish color and 6500 K a blue-white color.


Full spectrum light essentially tries to duplicate the suns' spectral curve. Fluorescent tubes create a color [Kelvin] by combining a formulated mix of phosphors that artificially reproduce the suns spectral pallet and radiate light at a color temperature close to the sunlight. Incandescent bulbs use neodymium, a rare earth element to naturally reduce the yellow quality of the spectrum. Halogen, Xenon, and Krypton gases are used to create brighter light with high CRI. I use the term Full Spectrum for lights of any Kelvin that are 90+ CRI.


Companies use different Kelvins [colors] to use as their definition of full spectrum light. Examples include 5000K, 5500K, 5700K, and 6500K, and other Kelvins. Sunlan Lighting uses the CRI as a standard, if a Kelvin is rated at 90 CRI or better, then; we call that light Full Spectrum. Most Compact fluorescents are 82 CRI.

People feel better and are able to read easier under high quality bulbs or lamps. Full Spectrum bulbs are a real boost to lift the winter blues. Plants grow well under any light color [Kelvin] that has a high CRI.

Neodymium bulbs are available in many styles

The Litebook helps with SAD and sleep problems

caused by shift work and travel.

The photo-nutrients has a large variety of 'elements' just like vitamins. Light is a nutrient. Much of the explanation of the therapeutic benefits of sunlight lies in the fact that sunlight contains compounds essential to human thriving. Exposure to sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D, while UV rays metabolize calcium and facilitate the body's use of Vitamins C and A. These photo-nutrients boost moods and encourage better physical health. From INTO THE LIGHT by William Campbell, MD. We are still learning about light nutrients.

Did you know - light is a nutrient

What is Quartz Halogen?

What is Neodymium?

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Quartz Halogen bulbs are available in many shapes and styles

Krypton and Xenon bulbs are incandescent bulbs with special gases inside to create a light that is brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, much like Halogen. These bulbs are exceptionally bright, crisp bulbs with very high CRI rating similar to Halogen. These light have less yellow coloring than a Halogen bulb, meaning the colors and details are even more pure.  The gasses inside these incandescent bulbs make them much brighter and longer lasting than conventional incandescent bulbs. These bulbs burn cooler than Halogen with the same excellent great color rendering. They are excellent for reading!

What are Krypton and Xenon Bulbs?


Decorative Krypton bulbs can be standard or candelabra based. Xenon bulbs are available in many styles and have many different bases.

Plants thrive under Full Spectrum lighting, and so do people.


Colors appear different under different lights. Full spectrum lights show true colors better.

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